Our Brand New Scrunchie and/or scrunchie wristlet key fob Keychain is the perfect accessory to keep your keys/hair trendy!


(1). Choice: A Single item or A Set; Choose the following options from the drop-down list:

  • 1 * Scrunchie (Size: S)
  • 1 * Scrunchie (Size: M)
  • 1 * Scrunchie Wristlet Key fob (0.75" W)
  • 1 * Scrunchie Wristlet Key fob (1" W)
  • Set 1:  2 * Scrunchies (Size: S + M) and 1 * Wristlet (0.75" W)
  • Set 2:  2 * Scrunchies (Size: S + M) and 1 * Wristlet (1" W)
  • Set 3:  2 * Scrunchies (Size: S + M) and 2 * Wristlets (0.75" W + 1" W)


(2). Style: Choose the style from the drop-down list (please check the photos for details)


These are the perfect gifts for friends, family, teachers, and yourself who need to hang keys, hand sanitizer holders, and other important little things on the key chain. No more lost keys and keep your hands free.


Keychains measure about 4" long (not including the hardware) and 1" or 0.75" wide and will fit most wrists.


The key fob is made of silver hardware. Because each wristlet is handmade, the fabric pattern/print may vary.


More designs are on the way, please check back frequently. Each one is uniquely made and will not be repeated once it is sold.

** The color may look different on different screens and monitors. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you very much. **


** Disclaimer ** Our product is not related to or affiliated with the copyrighted fabric owner.

Scrunchie | Scrunchie Wristlet Keychain | Scrunchie Key Fob | Key Holder

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