A different style is attached to the different badge reel. The badge reel could be one of the following depends on the design:


  • Translucent Retractable badge reel (1): Belt clip and Metal Swivel Clasp on the back; The badge reel cord length is up to 27".
  • Translucent Retractable ID Badge Reels (2): Spinning Alligator Pinch Swivel Clip on Back; Cord length 34";

  • Metal Retractable badge reel (3): Heavy Duty Belt Clip Badge Reels with Key Ring and Metal Swivel Clasp; 25" Steel Wire Cord;
  • The ID badge holder is made of sturdy plastic, and with a resealable zip strip that is resealable and waterproof; Your choice of Vertical OR Horizontal (please indicate V or H in the box, leave it BLANK and we will randomly pick it for you).


** Please check the details of the photo, what you see is what you get. **


Price may vary depends on the design. More design is on the way, please check back frequently.


The character is made of resin and may be combined with glitter, foil flake, and/or other materials. Each one is unique and will not be repeated once it is sold.


Perfect gift for your friend, significant other, family members, colleagues, and etc. who need a badge reel.

Retractable Badge Reel and ID badge holder

PriceFrom $11.99
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