Are you ever bored of wearing the same badge reel every day?! Want to have a fresh and unique style each day?! We've got the answer for you. Check out this cute rhinestone magnetic Interchangeable/exchangeable retractable badge reel ID holder with belt clip.

This beautiful mini retractable badge reel ID holder has an alligator belt clip on the back and has rhinestones all around the top. Heavy Duty Spring Clip for holding your id holder.

. (1) Choose the base color or no base: If you have already purchased our Badge Reel Base from this listing and just want to add more tops, then select No Base; or select the base color from the drop-down list. Retractable badge reel: belt clip on the back; The badge reel Retractable Nylon Cord Length: 15".

* NOTE *: The Badge Reel Base comes with ONE top piece, select the design from the second drop-down list.

* NOTE *: The Badge Reel Base also comes with 1 FREE accessory: a plastic ID holder. The ID badge holder is made of sturdy plastic with a resealable zip strip that is also waterproof; Your choice of Vertical OR Horizontal (please indicate "V" - Vertical, "H" - Horizontal, "R" - we will Randomly pick for you, or "N" - No ID holder) from the Personalization.

. (2) Select the style/design from the drop-down list. Please check the photos for the style/design number and details.

* NOTE *: If you only want the top piece, please select "No Base" from the first drop-down list, then select the top style here and add it to the cart, add as many as you like. The top piece ONLY works for our Badge Reel Base. No accessory comes with the top.

[Personalization Options]

. (1) The ID badge holder is made of sturdy plastic, and with a resealable zip strip that is resealable and waterproof; Your choice of Vertical OR Horizontal at the Personalization (please indicate "V" - Vertical, "H" - Horizontal, "R" - we will Randomly pick for you, or "N" - No id holder).

** Please check the photos for more details. Because each top piece is handmade, the material design/pattern/print may vary. **

** NOTE: If you want the same design as our other listings but not listed here, contact us and let us know which design you like and we will customize it for you.

** The color may look different on different screens and monitors. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you very much. **

----- *Safety Warning*-----
These magnets are extremely strong and can be dangerous. Keep away from children. The magnet is firmly attached to the badge. However, if it were to become dislodged, it could cause injury. We, EZ Shop & Design, neither assume nor accept any liability for damages resulting from the handling or use of the magnets on our magnetic badge reels or any magnets sold in our shop. With your purchase, the buyer confirms that you have read and understood the following warnings: the buyer agrees that he/she is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by the magnets, which include personal injuries, property damages, and magnet damages. The buyer must agree with the terms before purchase. Small magnets pose a choking hazard and should never be swallowed or inserted into any part of the body. For safety purposes, we include this warning to deter children from using/handling small magnets as they can be dangerous. Small magnets are considered a choking hazard that can result in death and should be treated as such. Magnetic Badge Reels should NOT be used by those with a pacemaker or be placed close to any devices that will be damaged by the magnet. When confirming your order, you, the customer, become fully responsible for the safety of children, animals, and anyone else or anything to come into contact with these magnets.

Magnetic Rhinestone Retractable Badge Reel Mini Base | Interchangeable Top

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