These key fobs are made of double-layered faux leather with stitches. It comes with a variety of different patterns. They are beautiful, fashionable, and functional! Perfect gift for your friend, significant other, family members, colleagues and etc.! More design is on the way, please check back frequently.

* It's a Made to Order item - How to Customize *
. Step 1: Choose the outside faux leather pattern (please check the photos for the pattern detail and number); Enter the number into "Your choice of the Pattern Number:" (for example, "30") below the keyring style drop-down list.
. Step 2: Choose the color of the keyring, and the keyring style (regular OR clip-on). For example: if you would like to have a gold-tone and clip-on style of the keyring, then choose "Clip-on (Gold)" from the "Keyring Style" drop-down list. If you would like to have bronze color and regular style, then choose "Regular (Bronze)".

. Step 3: Choose the Size/Length of the key fob - S (4"), M (4.5"), or L (5"). Enter the S, M, or L into "Your choice of the Size/Length: (for example S, M, or L)" below "Your choice of the Pattern Number.


** NOTE: Please check the photo for the sizing details. The model's hand is for your reference the size/length.
** Price may vary depending on the design and is good for ONE keyfob ONLY.
** The color may look different from your screen. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you very much. **

Custom Made Wristlet Double Layered Faux Leather Key Fob - Ring/Clip on Keychain

PriceFrom $7.99