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Sew Amazingly Cute

✔ Do you have many “fabric scraps” left after sewing many projects?

✔ Do you love those old-style clasp fastenings, but don’t know how to install them?

Let’s grab those so-called “scraps” and turn them into something "Sew Amazingly Cute".

  • 7 projects with 16 adorable kiss lock coin purse patterns are included in this book.

  • Learn how to modify some of the patterns to create your own unique style.

  • And how to easily install the 3.35” (8.5cm) arch metal purse frame with different sewing methods.

  • Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions with color photos are included for easy learning.

  • All purse pieces can be hand-sewn or done with a sewing machine.

These projects can become fabulous gifts for friends and family or as a treat for yourself, on any occasion.

Sew Amazingly Elegant

After the author made and designed many projects, she found out that she  had lots of fabric scraps left. If you have her book “Sew Amazingly  Cute”, you might know that she fell in love with making these small,  adorable, and elegant frame purses, so the scraps have found their  place.

In this book, she will continue sharing her patterns and instructions  for making frame purses by using different sizes, shapes and materials  for the frame. It’s very easy to learn and make.

There is something for everyone to make, from an amateur sewing a  one-piece pattern to veteran sewing the most difficult pattern in the  book.

With the addition of the purse frame, it can modernize the look of your  purse with elegance, suitable for all ages. Let’s make something  “Simplistic yet Sew Amazingly Elegant”.

Handmade stuff is such a wonderful thing. Join the author, start sewing, and have fun!

It's Sew Easy

Because of the pandemic, masks have become incorporated into our  everyday lives. With a shortage of PPE, it is incredibly difficult to  find the necessary tools to protect yourself during these times. This  book demonstrates the essentials of creating your own masks and carrying  bags so that you and your loved ones are safely equipped and styled  out.

This book features:

•    8 projects: including carrying bags and face masks
•    3 carrying bags that can hold essential items
•    5 different mask styles, each mask style comes in different sizes
•    Step-by-step instructions, coordinating illustrations, photos, and easy-to-follow patterns

These are “sew” easy to make that anyone can do it and the possibility for creativity is endless.

Animal Coloring Book

Learning the alphabet and numbers by coloring and counting.

♥ Over 30 pages of coloring, counting, and finding hidden items
♥ 26 pages of writing practice of the alphabet
♥ 26 pages of writing practice in cursive
♥ 4 pages of writing practice for numbers
♥ 3 coloring pages to find hidden numbers
♥ 3 coloring pages to practice counting

Endless creative activities!
Have fun while learning!

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